Build and Activate Healthier Workplaces

Welcome to Jeddy Wellness, where we provide bespoke education, training, and community strategies by using evidence-based research to help your organization sustain healthier teams.

Build and Activate Healthier Workplaces

Welcome to Jeddy Wellness, where we provide bespoke education, training, and community strategies by using evidence-based research to help your organization sustain healthier teams.

Need Wellness in the Workplace?
We Know What to Do!

Jeddy Wellness understands the complexities of the modern workplace and the demands of daily life.

We help your organization

Improve employee health and reduce costs related to work-related illness

Analyze job demands and resource imbalances

Integrate wellness into daily routines through active learning

Sustain your workforce through long-term retention

Create a culture of health and wellness

Enhance your team’s wellness and success


Companies with a 70% engagement rate say their success comes from focusing on culture and building good relationships between managers and employees.


Highly engaged employees lead to 41% less absenteeism.


Highly engaged employees lead to 17% higher productivity.


Strong social connections improve health by 50%, enhancing both physical and mental well-being.

Look Who’s Shaping Wellness With Us!

Sumana Jeddy is a kind and thoughtful powerhouse! A great combination for what she has to offer - all about wellness with great clarity, accessibility and punch! Sumana spoke at Gateway’s 10th Annual Mayor’s Luncheon in 2023 and moved the crowd effectively to look inward and examine how we take care of ourselves and some easy ways to keep it up! She shared some great ideas that are holistic and easy to keep in mind.

Sahana Parameswara Executive Director, Gateway Association

Everyone in our community highly recommends Jeddy Wellness. Sumana and Michael were keynote speakers at our 6th annual mental health summit! They kept the audience involved, learning, and entertained. When presenting about mental health or workplace wellness, it can be a tricky and hard topic, but they had the whole audience laughing. I can't wait to collaborate with Jeddy in the very near future.

Krista Malden Founder and Editor, Community Now Magazine

Sumana embodies leadership, empathy and chicness. She was a panel speaker at the 2023 International Women’s Day event at SAIT and she inspired hope, courage and play in the audience. Her ability to present strategies from evidence-based research in a fun and engaging way is truly admirable.

Wunmi Adekanmbhi Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Thank you, Sumana! Your session was incredibly helpful and informative. I gained valuable insights into managing my mental health and recognizing signs of burnout. Your energy really sets a positive tone for the year ahead. We're grateful to have had you in our community.

Employee Scotiabank

Jeddy Wellness, your sessions are fantastic! I love them! Keep up the great work, they're very beneficial. Looking forward to more!

Employee University of Massachusetts

Our Clients

What sets us apart is our commitment to science, fun, continuous improvement, and firsthand experience with burnout and diverse work environments.

Communities & People We Have Influenced

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The Jeddy Way

Our goal is to make wellness joyful, not stressful!

Through micro-learning we deliver strategies in small, targeted doses, Wellness Shots, to facilitate quick comprehension and retention of knowledge.


root causes of workplace stress and burnout due to high demands and low resources


positive change by improving existing workplace resources or introducing new ones


science-based tailored solutions to maximize impact


continuously to create a culture of wellness through data, education and knowledge stacking

Jeddy Solutions For You

Unlike traditional workshops with passive listening and information overload, we go beyond the ordinary. We craft dynamic experiences to ignite inspiration and drive purposeful action. 

All our educational and training sessions can be delivered in-person, online or hybrid.


Competency-based 60-90 minute workshops that empower both employees and leaders, facilitating rapid skill development, experiential learning and community building.

Mastery Programs

Tailored solutions for organizations seeking comprehensive long-term development, 12-36 months to foster sustained growth and wellness across the entire organization.

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Will inspire and empower attendees with practical insights and thought-provoking ideas, igniting a passion for growth and innovation, through captivating storytelling, and actionable strategies.

Wellness Mixers

A facilitated discussion to promote constructive dialogue, idea exchange, and joint problem-solving, empowering participants to take ownership of wellness initiatives and drive positive change.

Wellness mixer

Download our latest white paper that explores the concept of a culture of health and wellness.

Learn actionable solutions to improve well-being and organizational success.

Our Story & Team!

Jeddy Wellness is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It was founded by Sumana Jeddy in 2021 with a mission to bridge the gap between research and practice to help communities with health and wellness in the workplace. By creating TikToks, Sumana was able to reach millions of people around the world and share workplace wellness research. 

As co-founder, Michael Ralph joined our team in 2023, bringing with him a wealth of experience gained from two decades of leadership as a business owner in diverse industries worldwide. Having navigated high-stress environments in various roles as both an employee and manager, he has strategically integrated numerous tools to enhance health, wellness, and safety for himself and his teams.

Sumana Jeddy

Founder & CEO

Sumana Jeddy, Founder and CEO of Jeddy Wellness and The Workplace Wellness Collective, holds a Master’s in Public Health and a Bachelor’s in Microbiology from the University of British Columbia. With over 10 years of expertise in Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology, and 20+ peer-reviewed publications she established Jeddy Wellness offering evidence-based workplace wellness solutions. Influencing over 70,000 individuals, Sumana is a recognized leader in workplace wellness, featured in publications like The Globe and Mail. Honored as the runner-up for Faces of Wellness by Alberta Blue Cross in 2023, Sumana continues to passionately shape the landscape of workplace health.

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Michael Ralph

Co-Founder & VP

Michael Ralph, an accomplished educator with a profound dedication to workplace wellness, serves as the Vice President at Jeddy Wellness who joined the team in 2023. With a career in education and the energy sector that spans 26 years, Michael’s strong commitment to workplace wellness shines through. His international experience in adult education and experiential learning provides a global perspective, which, combined with his unwavering dedication, makes him a valuable asset for businesses seeking to prioritize the well-being of their workforce. Michael is exceptionally well-prepared to assist organizations in enhancing workplace wellness initiatives, drawing upon a wealth of professional achievements and a profound interest in improving processes through research and data.

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